Q: How to utilize parallelisation in QVT( HPEM)?

A:  Paralleliastion option is available in all versions of QVT and it can be enabled via the interface in the calculations settings tab.  You need to check the Parallelization box and then select the number of cores used in the box below this. The effect of the parallelization depends on the used HPEM modules and the increase in computation speed is typically less than linear. However, if you do not see any speed-up for the parallelized cases, you might need to set some additional system environment variables before starting the Q-VT.

We recommend using parallelisation for the Monte Carlo Simulations, especially the ones for electrons. An alternative approach is to use multiple cores to run several simulations at the same time and get a number of results for different conditions, for example. QVT has a facility to create batch jobs with several parameter variations to enable your parametric studies.

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