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Quantemol offers scientific software and consultancy expertise in the field of plasma modelling and plasma chemistry design

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Quantemol-Virtual Tool (Q-VT) is an expert software system for the simulation of industrial plasma processing tools. Q-VT builds upon the comprehensively validated Hybrid Plasma Equipment Model (HPEM) …

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Developed for people working with complex chemistries, the Quantemol Database (QDB) supports and compares multiple data sets to establish a trusted resource for plasma chemistry information. Chemistry …

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Quantemol-EC is a new generation highly automated software to calculate electron-molecule scattering cross sections using a suite of new R-matrix codes with improved user-experience and enhanced …

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As well as providing advanced modeling software, Quantemol delivers a unique consultancy service. With our suite of software and a team of highly skilled scientists, we provide extensive and in-depth…

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About Quantemol

Quantemol was founded by Prof. Jonathan Tennyson FRS and Dr Daniel Brown in 2004. We develop unique software tools that bring accessibility to highly sophisticated research codes and unique data. With an expanding research team, Quantemol also provides consultancy services, which are carried out by world leading scientists in their respective fields.Since 2004 we have grown our product portfolio through collaborations with experts to develop esteemed plasma simulation codes.