What We Do

Quantemol is a leader in the plasma chemistry market and our unique selling point is the capability to calculate and estimate data for electron molecule scattering. These processes are defining the plasma behaviour and differentiate it from neutral gas.

Quantemol is offering scientific software and consultancy to plasma researchers. The company licences two main software products Quantemol-EC (calculating electron molecules catering cross sections) and Quantemol-VT (Plasma modelling tool for low-pressure discharges) and offers membership to the Quantemol-DB database of plasma chemistry data

Plasma chemistry is a key factor driving modern processes in microchip manufacturing, airspace, fusion and other high technologies. Pressure like the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and cleaner energy requires industries to consider more different gases for their applications among many factors contributing to the trend.

Quantemol research is not limited to one sector or one process type. Plasma chemistry knowledge is also useful in other industries where plasma treatment is used. Other relevant industries include commercial fusion, propulsion/spacecraft, ecological applications of plasma treatment, agricultural applications, plasma medicine and many others.

Additionally, Quantemol offers consultancy services to academic and industrial users calculating plasma chemistry data and conducting plasma modelling using in-house tools and expertise.

Our mission is to help our customers use modelling as a discriminator of what matters in their plasma recipes. This can be achieved by designing as complete as possible plasma chemistry and therefore we are striving to provide one platform to include all the types of data required.