As well as providing advanced modeling software, Quantemol delivers a unique consultancy service. With our suite of software and a team of highly skilled scientists, we provide extensive and in-depth analysis tailored to specific customer requirements.

Consultancy projects range from small quick calculations work to comprehensive plasma chemistry development from the ground up.

Typical types of consultancy work provided are:

  • Calculations of specific electron-molecule cross sections including:
    • Electron impact dissociation cross-sections producing specific products
    • Electron impact ionisation cross sections producing specific products
  • Plasma etching and deposition calculations 
    • 2D modeling using QVT(HPEM
    • 0D modeling using inhouse Global Model and GlobalKIN
    • Plasma chemistry optimisation/reduction 
    • Sensitivity analysis identifying key reactions in the gas phases and surface interactions
    • Feature scale modeling using MCFPM
  •  General multiphysics problems (CFD, etc.)

Quantemol has successfully undertaken several large consulting projects for industrial customers. A distinctive feature of our service is that we work with non-standard requests, using computational methods and literature research in order to achieve the results within deadlines. We always strive to deliver a work of value to our customers and prioritise research tasks according to the client’s development needs.

A formal completion report is delivered at the end of all work with the results (raw data, graphs etc…) ready for use. We work on the basis of complete confidentiality and understand the importance of protecting intellectual property.

Contact us on (0) 20 8133 5103 for more details