Q-VT Release Notes

Release Notes

July 2020, Release 2.0

– Update to Python 3 and recent versions of python modules
– Displayed species and reactions in the chemistry tab can now be filtered by type, name etc.
– There are now some chemistry consistency checks accessible via the Chemistry/Species tab. These check for example for missing ion-ion recombination or symmetric charge exchange reactions.
– Custom species and cross-section imports
– QDB API: There is now also a link to the QDB Chemistry Generator

October 2019, Release 1.85

Reorganized Input Parameters tab;

  •  Input Parameters tab is now split into Core Settings, Advanced Settings, Module Settings, and Expert Settings.
  • Core Settings: Set Process Parameters (Pressure, ICP/CCP settings, gas flows, initial densities) and basic simulation parameters (length, restart options, parallelization)
    • The Basic Frequency is now detected automatically, when ICP or CCP frequencies are changed. It can still be set manually as an option
    • The length of the entire simulation and one iteration can now be entered in rf-cycles. If that option is chosen, the absolute parameters (ITERATIONS, DTPOS) will automatically be adjusted to preserve   the number of rf-cycles, when frequencies are changed
    • The tables for setting up voltage waveforms on metals and for capacitive coils were moved from the Geometry tab to this one.
  • Advanced Settings: Set simulation parameters for electron, ion, and neutral transport, acceleration settings, and output options.
  • Module Settings: Set parameters for the following optional modules: Electron Monte Carlo Simulation, Plasma Chemistry Monte Carlo Simulation, Microwave Module, Surface Kinetics Module, Sputter Module, Circuit Module, Maxwell Module. Note: Only the modules activated in your HPEM distribution will be displayed. If you have purchased QVT without HPEM, all modules will be shown.
  • Expert Settings: Shows the icp.nam to set parameters not accessible via the GUI.
September 2018, Release 1.8
  • Geometry tab: alternative, object-oriented mesh drawer
  • Geometry tab: nozzles and pump ports can now be dielectric
  • Geometry tab: it is now possible to construct a mesh without any nozzles/pump ports
  • Geometry tab: mesh will be checked for consistency with HPEM requirements before generation
  • Minor bug fixes
March 2018, Release 1.75
  • Chemistry tab: When importing chemistries from QDB, species not in the HPEM library with an equivalent in this library will are now replaced
  • Chemistry tab: Added Surface Chemistry – species and Surface Chemistry – reactions sub-tabs
  • General Settings tab: moved the icp.nam from Advanced Settings sub-tab to the icp.nam sub-tab
  • General Settings tab: redesigned the Advanced Settings sub-tab; it displays now the individual DATAIN blocks and optionally the respective section from the HPEM documentation
  • Results tab: Added the option to exclude the header and enter user-specified filenames for data export
  • Run tab: Added Archive sub-tab, which shows all runs; runs can be filtered by various parameters such as project/run name, date etc
  • Advanced GUI for surface module
February 2017, Release 1.6
  • Chemistry tab: You can now connect to QDB and search for reactions involving specified species from your chemistry. This requires an internet connection, a QDB gold account, and a QDB API key. To obtain a QDB API key, please contact support@quantemol.com
  • Projects tab: Added the “Quick Restart” button. This reloads the case and also loads the icp1.res file, if present.
  • Geometry tab: Added the “Advanced Mesh Options” box; the pop-ups asking for options such as expanding the mesh will now only appear, if this box is checked. If unchecked, Q-VT will directly generate an unexpanded mesh without repair options.
  • Results tab: Added the “Customize Plot” in the “Plot Settings” group. This allows quick access to plot settings such as axis labels, legend position etc. More advanced option are still available via the toolbar beneath the plot.
  • Results tab: Added the option to compare results from two different runs with regards to 1D plot types such as IEDFs (similar to the “Plot Run-Difference” option for 2D parameters.
  • Minor bug fixes
September 2016, Release 1.55
  • When removing a species in the chemistry tab, you can now optionally remove all reactions including this species
  • When drawing a box in the mesh painter, the dimensions of that box in cm will be displayed at the bottom of the window
  • Some HPEM errors produced multiple Q-VT error messages; this has been removed
September 2017, Release 1.7
  • Chemistry tab: Import chemistries from QDB
  • Chemistry tab: Calculate Arrhenius parameters from user-provided cross sections
  • Chemistry tab: initial GUI for surface module for basic settings
  • Chemistry tab: reactions added by the user can now be stored in a local database
  • Geometry tab: Three rf-voltages on one electrode
  • Updated species and reactions databases
  • Minor bug fixes
October 2015, Release 1.45
  • Project tab: added “Reload Run” button; resets input files to the ones used in the selected run
  • Chemistry tab: added “Import Chemistry” button; loads chemistry from icp.dat file
  • Chemistry tab: added “Show Cross Section” button; plots cross section of selected electron collision
  • General setting tab: added “Create output continously” check box; creates TECPLOT files every iteration
  • Results tab: added “Recache data” button; reloads results from TECPLOT files
  • New subtab “Custom Settings”; this tab is reserved for bespoke parameters for each user
May 2015, Release 1.4
  • Microwave Power can be set in Input Parameters/General Settings tab
  • Settings for the ambipolar approximation added to Input Parameters/Module Settings tab
  • Line number in icp.nam is shown in Input Parameters/Advanced Settings tab
  • Added “Show Input Data for Run” button to Results tab; shows the icp.nam for the selected run
  • Added “Generate 1D – Plot” button to Results tab; allows to generate axial or radial 1D plots of selected 2D data
  • Added “Generate x-t Plot” button to animation dialog; allows to generate spatio(1D, axial or radial) – temporal plots of animation variables
  • Replaced “Contour Levels” slider in Results tab with “Set Levels” button; allows to set individual levels for 2D plots
  • Added “Export as Matrix” button to Results tab; allows to export 2D data in matrix form
  • Extended export function to particle distribution functions, user generated 1D-Plots, and user generated x-t-Plots
February 2016, Release 1.5
  • added option to pulse ICP/Microwave Power and define Custom Voltages in “General Settings” tab
  • overhauled batch runner and results display of batch runs
  • minor bug fixes
July 2014, Release 1.2
  • Added access to parallelised HPEM version to the interface via General Settings
  • Added new subtab Module Settings, to General Settings, allows access to eMCS, PCMC, and particle acceleration settings
  • Ability to set two frequencies on one electrode (CCPs) added in the “Material Properties” tab
  • Several minor bug fixes
  • Chemistry file processor now preserves file formatting. Current chemistry file handling mechanism now maintains the original file layout
  • Now able to end distributed jobs
May 2014, Release 1.11
  • Improvements made to the distribution plotter
  • Fixed batch runner bug
  • EEDF/EEPF viewer bug fixed
  • Added ability to stop remote jobs
  • Added SF6 species to database
  • Fixed Batch Plot viewer bug
  • Add material dialogue box now allows for nozzle and output ports to be added in addition to painting via the materials section
  • Attempting to enter sticking coefficients for a species, the number is no longer limited to 3 decimal places when entering it via the “Add surface specific return coefficients” button
January 2015, Release 1.3
  • Windows compatibility
  • Variables for animations can be chosen from the interface
  • Fixed a bug, which prevented animations from playing
February 2014, Release 1.10
  • Animation capabilities added
  • Additional inputs to the HPEM Parameters added
  • If quantemol.co.uk cannot be reached but Google can, the user is warned about a possible quantemol issue, connection will still be attempted
  • If the licence registration fails and Q-VT has been used within a week Q-VT will still run
  • Fixed Parameter tab bug which kept setting IKINETIC = 0
  • Custom title of a graph is replicated if graph copied
  • User now able to select a folder with HPEM data and import this data into a run in a selected project
  • Signal issue surrounding delay when setting more than 4-5 runs distributed over many systems now resolved
  • Problem concerning the update of the progress bar and number of iterations shown now resolved
  • Vector data may now be exported as well
January 2014, Release 1.02
  • Fixed Parameter tab bug
  • A restore point is now created when a repair file is created
  • Materials tab now allows the user set the materials temperature
  • Added cell and row count as user drag out a shape to make it easier to draw a pre-desired sized shape
November 2013, Release 1.01
  • Ability to change HPEM exe directory now possible
  • Improved Input Parameters tab
  • User now has the option to restart an existing project or overwrite an existing project
October 2013, Release 1.00
  • Final major bug fixes
  • Installation of updated Q-VT version now copies latest HPEM
  • Input of a mesh greater than 200 mesh points in either the x or the y direction no longer affects the project loading
September 2013, Release 0.94
  • Various bug fixes
  • Implemented user improvement requests
  • Additional mesh editing/generation capabilities
  • Additional plotting capabilities
  • Updated HPEM code
  • Added Q-VT Examples Workbook
July 2013, Release 0.93
  • GUI redesign for Plot Settings, Input Parameters and Geometry
  • Additional Input Parameters options
  • Changing zoom after increasing mesh size no longer causes zoom
  • Maximum mesh settings moved to single variables in the Mesh class. Now set to 132 in accordance with the HPEM documentation
  • Data input in the UI passed to the icp.nam file when Raw_Input tab is left open during change and subsequently closed/saved
  • Initmesh repair file generated and viewable
June 2013, Release 0.92
  • Various bug fixes
  • Improved user reporting
  • Runs now listed in a consistent manner
  • Upon adding surface sticking coefficients, dialogue is displayed instructing mesh to be generated. Also, available materials now labelled according to user definition
  • Adding batch run with Integer Type now works fine
  • Issues with adding magnet solved
  • Text file now written with host name to record where each run has been sent
  • Dialogue added to show when data is exporting
  • Changing the iterations under parameter settings now saves when tab is switched
  • Loading a project with numerous run folders and TECPLOT2D files uses large amounts of memory. Number of TECPLOT files now stored in memory at first and added when selected by user in the results tab
May 2013, Release 0.91
  • Fixed wafer data export bug
  • Flood fill speed increased
  • For network jobs the HPEM binary is now also copied
  • Random segmentation fault relating to batch runs fixed
  • Only adds batch job to plotting combobox if all directories have output
  • Batch run blocks user from running a job without adding a computer
  • Progress bar now continually linked via thread
  • Stdout warnings now highlighted. Column with status which shows “x” for error, “!” for warning and “✓” for ok
  • Plasma properties plot type renamed
  • Plot types names and contents reorganised. Properties moved and sections renamed
  • Licencing moved to online database
  • EEDF now an option when MCS.PDT not present
  • Option to mask regions now available
  • Geometry tool tab now present on newly created projects
  • Loading of successive workbooks now organised in the plotting tab
  • Chamber drawing is output on initial load to ensure run
  • Added dialogue icon to return coefficient dialogue in chemistry tab
  • Rounding accuracy of integer values via slider in parameter settings now updated
  • Plots automatically made once a job has been completed
  • Directory name for the workspace now accepts spaces
  • Mesh update now differentiates between floating interface and grounded metals
  • Flow fractions fixed with new meshing
  • Vector crash in Results Tab if linewidth became NaN, now solved
  • Special characters added and logical to stop bad diagonals in mesh
  • Problem when switching to workbook with empty mesh now resolved
  • Results tab given more detailed labelling. Axis titles also updated in addition to units
  • Mesh and nam files now updated simultaneously
April 2013, Release 0.9
  • Initial Beta release