Quantemol team has been rather busy recently with active preparation of software releases for QVT (available) and QEC (coming soon) and due to several new customers joining this summer.

We always welcome active users and their questions have inspired us to create a number of short posts with general questions we receive and answer them. They will be tagged as #QEC_Q&A or #QVT_Q&A, #QDB_Q&A, #QN_Q&A so you can easily find all relevant posts for your product of interest. They will be located on the web-site and redistribute din social media. Follow us n Twitter @quantemol and linkedin.com/quantemol as well as check our youtube channel for tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcd-8-P8bfbe3C1S75Kkalg

If you still have not found an answer to your questions, feel free to send them to us (support@quantemol.com) and we will be happy to answer them directly and possibly making a post for the community!